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Are you one of so many women who feel stuck in negative feelings about their finances?

Not all women have the same experiences or attitudes toward finances. However, there are several societal and cultural factors that may contribute to some women getting stuck in negative feelings about their finances: Addressing these challenges requires a multifaceted approach, including advocating for equal pay, promoting financial education, challenging traditional gender roles, providing support for […]

Single Mom – what’s YOUR definition?

Maybe you should wear a wedding ring to your job interviews. We decided to offer you a lower salary because you’re probably receiving child support from your ex-husband. If you hadn’t had four kids and supported your husband’s education you’d be the CEO of some company by now. You’re too pretty to be this intelligent. […]

The Real Reason You’re Not Getting What You Want

I’m going to keep this simple, cuz I like simple. Have you ever hopped into the car and said, “I’m going to go visit my friend Samantha in Idaho today. I’ve never driven to her house, in fact, I’ve never been to Idaho, but I know she lives somewhere in Idaho and I’m gonna just […]