Single Mom – what’s YOUR definition?

Maybe you should wear a wedding ring to your job interviews.

We decided to offer you a lower salary because you’re probably receiving child support from your ex-husband.

If you hadn’t had four kids and supported your husband’s education you’d be the CEO of some company by now.

You’re too pretty to be this intelligent.

The board and I decided to suggest that you resign, so you can spend more time at home with your new baby. Let your husband provide for you.

Divorced women are all bitter man-haters.

It’s too late and I’m too old to start a new career.

How do you define yourself? How do you talk ABOUT yourself. Never mind who has said things kind of things to you, what kinds of things do YOU say to YOURSELF. Do you hear yourself blaming and complaining? Take a serious look at what you think your expectations are about who is going to take care of you. Is it trading in one asshole man for another or are YOU going to take responsibility for your life? Your mindset makes all the difference, love.

Where you put your energy will determine your outcome. My ex’s mom said she didn’t leave her husband because she was told by a counselor that “It’s really hard to make it as a single mom – the world will shun you.”

Here are a couple of resources to empower you and help change your mindset: