How to teach teen boys self-care

Oh those tender teen years. So much questioning, so many hormones, some doubt, fear, discovering one-self, defining your life. It was scary and intimidating sometimes and boy does COMPARISON to others really come into play causing all kinds of insecurity and also misplaced confidence. Don’t you, as a parent, wish you could impart all you’ve learned about the nonsense of caring about what other people think, to your kids? Or maybe your inner child is still struggling with this in adulthood (enter THAT mom in your social media feed who has it ALL together, supposedly….PUKE!)

Well, I found these affirmations, called “Affirmators” – they are DOPE! It’s not a full online course on discovering, accepting, and loving yourself BUT, they are fun talking points, and mostly chuckle-provoking, for around the dinner table or whenever (yes, we actually have family dinners now that we’re all stuck at home with each other…..sshhhhh…. I LOVE having my teenagers home for dinner! Hate COVID-19, love that my teens are stuck with me).

Here’s a couple of examples: