Author: Jenn

How to teach teen boys self-care

Oh those tender teen years. So much questioning, so many hormones, some doubt, fear, discovering one-self, defining your life. It was scary and intimidating sometimes and boy does COMPARISON to others really come into play causing all kinds of insecurity and also misplaced confidence. Don’t you, as a parent, wish you could impart all you’ve […]

The Compassion Box

Some of my favorite literature is written by Pema Chödrön, the beloved Buddhist nun. She offers teachings on: becoming fearless breaking free of destructive patterns developing patience, kindness, and joy amid our everyday struggles unlocking our natural warmth, intelligence, and goodness We already have everything we need. There is no need for self-improvement. All these […]

The Resurrection Plant

Rose of Jericho. The Resurrection Plant. A reminder that new beginnings can be invoked anytime throughout the year. Here’s to renewed life for each each of us, in every individual form it takes in our lives. “Start anew. Again and again. Every moment of our lives we can start anew.” – Pema Chödrön. “For some […]

I feel held. I feel safe.

“The day has to fall to make way for the night and the night has to surrender its place so the day can have its turn. This strikes me as a holy rhythm. I wonder if whatever created this rhythm of the tides and the sky and the sun and the moon has a holy […]