What Keeps You from Falling Asleep at Night?

When the thoughts bombard me at night, they are usually:

  • regrets
  • fears
  • what others think of me
  • worries that I’m not good enough (at work, etc)
  • that my body doesn’t look the way I want it to
  • all the “to do’s”
  • really bad memories

At night, when I lay my head down, I have nothing to distract me from the useless loops and broken records on repeat in my head, so they whisper to the surface, like haunting ghosts.

I acknowledge them as there, and then, I acknowledge them as UNNECESSARY. If it is something from the past, it’s GONE. Forever.

The past, is actually WHAT I AM CREATING IN THIS MOMENT. This moment is the only thing that is real.

I. AM.

I am not this or that or whatever.

I. AM.

I take a deep breath and let anything that:

  • I cannot control
  • is not longer serving me
  • happened in the past
  • or is just plain UNNECESSARY

to poof away, like harmless wisps of air.

And the power of the moment EXPANDS and takes up more space than the crud.

I breathe.

I sleep.

I am.

Recommended Reading:

Stop Doing That Shit: End Self-Sabotage and Demand Your Life Back

by Gary John Bishop

(psst…listen to it on Audible, the author is Scottish and his accent emphasizes his points and brings the words to life!)