Getting Unstuck

Sometimes we are forced to change and evolve, other times we realize we’re stuck in the same ole’ same ole’, striving unsuccessfully to get what we want: greater job satisfaction, more control of our eating and exercise habits, a better relationship, a more productive day, a peaceful, loving relationship with our kids. This is because our brain has formed pathways in our brain that quickly deliver us from trigger to action. This can serve a purpose for survival, efficiently keeping us alive. But what if those pathways (let’s call them “unconscious habits”) keep delivering us right to the door of disappointment?

I want to tell you, it IS possible to change.

Try P.O.W. It’s simple.

  • Pause…….and allow yourself to become aware
  • Observe (preferably without judgement) how you’re about to respond or react. A couple questions that help with detaching yourself to observe your mind and emotions: What do you think or feel about this automatic action you are about to take. What are you feeling right now that makes you want to do this?
  • Wield. What do you want to do instead, what is the choice that is aligned with your higher self (your intentions, your goals). Wield the power you have in this moment.

Is there are different choice you want to make? One that is aligned with your intentions, goals, and dreams? Knowing what your passions and aspirations actually are is important but if you don’t know yet (more on this in another post), practicing this exercise will help to clarify that! You’ll be amazed!

Make this choice instead.

Try this simple exercise today. Print out Monday’s Mantra Tile and put it where you can see it all day (your computer monitor, on your kitchen pantry door, your bathroom mirror, on your car dashboard). Can you imagine ANY OR ALL of your choices that might change, just for today? It all starts with a SIMPLE PAUSE INTO PRESENT AWARENESS. Examples that might be relevant to you throughout the day:

  • Someone who annoys you constantly and how you tend to respond automatically
  • sudden triggers to reach for extra food that isn’t necessary to your body
  • procrastinating a simple task you’ve been avoiding
  • the urge avoid something by reaching for alcohol or other drug to numb yourself out.
  • spontaneous purchases of things you don’t need


Pause. Observe. Wield.

Recommended reading (I highly recommend the audio book, I listen to it when I’m driving, walking my dogs or gardening and it is so freeing and calming):