Everything I Desire is Within Me

From Deepak Chopra’s Meditation Series ‘Creating Abundance’

“We are born with everything we need for a life of fulfillment and success. But often we measure our love, joy, health, vitality, and other positive qualities by comparing ourselves to someone or something else.

Perhaps thinking thoughts like, ‘I have a loving relationship, but not as loving as my friends.’ Or, ‘I live in a nice house but not as big as my brother’s.’ Or, ‘I have a good job, but I don’t make as much money as my colleague.’

Such comparisons stem from object referral, looking outside oneself for validation. But an abundant life is not about external comparisons, instead, a life of fulfillment comes from within, through the knowledge that you were created with everything you need to be happy and successful, and can access those seeds of abundance at any time.

Currently, all over the world, many people are experiencing difficult times. When we experience setbacks we sometimes feel like we will never achieve success. Yet, in every perceived failure or setback is the seed of success. In every situation we have new opportunities to find creative solutions for our problems, redefine our priorities, and explore other options.

We begin to view our challenges more positively, once we realize we possess the power to focus our attention on new possibilities, and possibilities for abundance are endless. There are no limits to what we can have.

Take the time to look at each situation that challenges you, and find those seeds of success that will attract greater abundance into your life.

Consider the abundant banquet of life that has been spread before us in all it’s splendor and spend a moment focusing on this centering thought: Everything I desire is within me.”

-Deepak Chopra