Best Strapless Bra (for Saggy Breasts)

Yep! I said it.


Sh*# is real here. I’m in my 40’s and I’ve had FOUR sons that definitely left their share of “devastation” on my body – which I wouldn’t have any other way, I love them more than anything.

But I also like to wear comfortable summer clothes without all the excessive and fussy “strappiness” everywhere. For probably around 10 years I’ve searched far and wide for – and spent TOO much money on – the perfect strapless bra for large-ish, saggy breasts, that meets the following qualifications:

  • Stays in place
  • Minimizing
  • Shaping without pushing my boobs up to my neck
  • AND without creating the uni-boob effect.
  • Eliminates bulging back fat
  • Good quality and COMFORTABLE
  • Affordable, without being so cheap it falls apart

So, when you’re ready to ditch that “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder” under your pretty thin-strapped top or the constant game of tug-of-war under your strapless sundress, try THIS! The Lilyette by Bali Women’s Tailored Minimizer Bra:

Do not be fooled by the slim size of these models, check out real women wearing these in the reviews below!

“I absolutely love it!”
5 Stars!
“This is the perfect bra!!! I had one years ago. I’m so pleased to find it again. For anyone particularly with large breast it holds your breast absolutely perfect. Its a good support bra whether you want the straps or not. I recommend it for helping with posture as well. I’m looking forward to being able to wear my spaghetti strapped dresses and halter tops now that I have this particular strapless bra. Great quality, soft and comfortable and the wires don’t even bother you. I wore it for 9 hours and was not ready to immediately take my bra off soon as I walked in the door. Great price as well. I will be ordering more colors. I’m a 36DD and that’s what I ordered. Perfect fit. Thanks again Amazon. I’m highly impressed with this selection for bras are normally hard to find let alone taking a chance and ordering from online without actually trying it on.”
5 Stars!

Thanks for checking out the BEST strapless bra for every pair of breasts! And ALWAYS take precious care of yourself and all your female parts. Here are some screening and awareness practices as a good reminder.

If you don’t know your breast or ovarian cancer risk, there are free studies like these you can participate in. Remember to always consult your healthcare provider first.

Note: I always have to mention this, I only do reviews of products I support (no pun intended here, :-). If it’s an excellent product that may benefit your life in some important way, I will tell you all about it! I like practical, affordable items that make my life better in some way and hope these reviews are helpful for you and choosing where to invest your hard-earned dollars. Much love and gratitude.