Best Pet Spray Pee Deterrent

Three years ago I adopted this little critter (Pomeranian) from rescue. He was 14 weeks old and named him Wicket (aka Wiki). He’s a spunky little guy and quite a yapper!

I have never had a male dog companion and I wasn’t prepared for the way he marked everything, everywhere, all the time. He soiled carpet, corners of beds, coffee tables, chair legs, ANYTHING that was upright by 2 inches! I just couldn’t get him to stop.

Until I tried this pee deterrent spray for dogs who pee everywhere. I couldn’t believe that it works! After cleaning any area he had previously soiled I spray this stuff. Albeit you have to do it everyday for a while, but they learn. Wiki either doesn’t like the smell or it just repels him to want to go elsewhere. It actually has an odor that is pleasant to me (it has cloves in it).

So, here’s my Real Life Recommendation for your dog, pet, critter, fur companion, who needs to learn not to lift his leg everywhere around the house.

Not Here! Spray

Trains Your Pet Where Not to Urinate

Repellent & Training Corrector for Puppies & Dogs

No More Marking

by Bodhi Dog

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